A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Sophie Drouin, Artist-in-Residence

Sophie Drouin is 2019's Artist-in-Residence at Schneider Haus.

Vickie Lawrence's Equestrian Art

Congratulations to Vickie Lawrence on winning a spot in a prestigious show.

Watercolour with Candice

Candice Leyland is offering Watercolour Workshop! 

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A Moment In Time


A Moment In Time is a new exhibition at UpTown Gallery featuring recent works by Jane Bayne, Carolyn Dix, Mary Lou Hiller and Aileen Pou.

The show runs from July 16 to September 15 Join us at the opening reception on Sunday July 21 from 2pm to 4pm to enjoy the artwork and meet the artists. Refreshments will be served.


Jane Bayne: Jane's focus for this theme of a Moment in Time was to render local landscape in oils and acrylics.  Her attention was drawn to cloud formations or the weather of a perfect memorable day. A scene can change dramatically in a matter of minutes and a location can look unrecognizable from year to year due to the changing climate.   Jane wishes to convey some moments of pleasure that she has captured through the eye of her camera.


Carolyn Dix: Carolyn has spent the past few years contemplating time through her art using mixed media. A moment in time can change the course of history for humanity and/or an individual life in so many varied ways. Our collective time history is depicted in the legacy of art ever changing with each generation. Life requires a delicate balancing act as we make choices as to how we spend our time. Will our moments bring regret or future happiness and peace?


Mary Lou Hiller: Better known for painting landscapes, florals and still lifes, Mary Lou Hiller

has decided on figurative subjects for this exhibition to work to the title of 

“A Moment in Time”.  Each image is drawn from headline news stories, both past and present, to show the emotional impact on humanity with just one moment in time.


Aileen Pou: Aileen wants to capture a special moment in life that changes everything. Change is represented in the curvature of the stem; beauty in the petals and the leaves. Aileen captures the beauty and change represented in the moment. 




Bone Deep & Heart Felt


Bone Deep & Heart Felt is a solo exhibition in UpTown Gallery's Lawrence Gallery. It showcases works by Louise Marée. 

The show runs from May 14 to July 14. Join us for the opening reception on Sunday, May 26, from 2-4 pm to enjoy the artwork and live music. Refreshments will be served.


Louise Marée's work for the past X years has explored realism, impressionism, and the abstract. These styles comprise a palette she uses to express a deep emotional connection to nature she has fostered all her life.

Each painting begins with an urge, rather than a vision, a call for a colour, a feeling, a texture on the canvas. Louise rarely sketches or pre-plans a painting, letting it evolve beneath her brush, or knife, or fingers in a two-way communication with the picture as it develops. Many of her works have hidden, deeper paintings within, a chat log of former conversations which were not quite right, before they developed into the finished final dialogue.

Her work ranges from the purely abstract Prairie Fire to the poignant realism of Not For Sail. Most pieces dwell in the mixed borderlands between. While striving to remain true to her subject matter, Louise permits colour and texture to represent emotion and place.


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About UpTown Gallery

Uptown Gallery is a co-operative of over 25 local artists. We are located in UpTown Waterloo.


All artwork exhibited in UpTown Gallery is by artists local to the Waterloo area. We offer a diverse range of art, including ceramics, glass, paintings, photography, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture.

Learn from the artists of UpTown Gallery to draw, paint, fuse glass, collage and more. Workshops take place at the Gallery and other area locations.


We have six shows a year. Each show features the artwork of specific UpTown Gallery Artists.


One of the mandates of UpTown Gallery is bringing art to our local community. Throughout the year we offer free art workshops and lectures.

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