A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Nocturne, a new exhibit at Uptown Gallery, showcases recent works from Featured Artists Adrienne Zoe, Assem Hamdy, and Shaun McFee. The show runs from Tuesday, March 2, to Sunday, April 4, 2021.

Adrienne Zoe enjoys the night sky, and the challenge of night sky photography. She's always wanted to capture the moon's details and has combined her love for nature in her creative piece, "Midnight". "Blue Hour" was captured in summer of 2020 during a camping trip where the sky is dark. She's happy to share that "Blue Hour" was recently accepted into an international juried photography salon. Learn more about Adrienne's photography on her website: www.adriennezoephotography.com

Assem Hamdy says that beautiful art can never be away from nature, even in its most abstract forms like calligraphy. Whatever the language is, we find nature disguised. The instant where nature prevailed over the man-made, or when the man-made has only the third of the contrast against nature, is the instant that Assem Hamdy appreciates in a painting, design, or photo.

In his paintings, Shaun McFee seeks to suggest images that are sometimes obvious, and sometimes not obvious, to perhaps evoke memories or imaginative experiences. Like seeing through a filter or a window, a snapshot of a world is transformed by squares and grids, sometimes sharp-edged, sometimes blurry. Recently, his paintings intersect his square and grid work with his own idea of Post-Impressionism. Find Shaun McFee at lafwr.com/shaun-mcfee, on Facebook, and at his personal site.


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About UpTown Gallery

Uptown Gallery is a co-operative of more than 20 local artists. We are located in UpTown Waterloo.


All artwork exhibited in UpTown Gallery is by artists local to the Waterloo area. We offer a diverse range of art, including ceramics, glass, paintings, photography, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture.

Learn from the artists of UpTown Gallery to draw, paint, fuse glass, collage and more. Workshops take place at the Gallery and other area locations.


We have six shows a year. Each show features the artwork of specific UpTown Gallery Artists.


One of the mandates of UpTown Gallery is bringing art to our local community. Throughout the year we offer free art workshops and lectures.

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