A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Artists yes, but this is a different draw.

Vickie Lawrence at the Log Cabin

If you missed seeing Vickie Lawrence on the Kissing Bridge Trail art tour, all is not lost.


UpTown Gallery adds new accolades to its resume.

Applying for Membership

Please Note: you must have proof of vaccination to apply.

Applicants should submit the following either by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or hard copy (delivered to the gallery):

1. A letter of introduction explaining why you wish to join UpTown Gallery and how you might contribute to the running of the gallery.

2. A biography: one or two paragraphs of biographical information that pertains to your art practice.

3. An artist statement: one or two paragraphs about your body of work or your art practice.

4. Images of 5 - 7 artworks: jpeg images that are professional, of high resolution and are labeled.

5. An Image List documenting the title, media and size of each artwork.

6. Your contact information: email, phone number, website (if you have one).


Benefits of Membership

- Participation in a new exhibition every two months.

- Each show has a theme which you may or may not work to.

- Once a year, you may be a featured artist with your work (done to the theme) headlined. - No commission is taken on sales.

- No exclusivity: you may exhibit at other galleries and events in the region.

- The possibility of teaching in our classroom area.

- Promotion via our website, newsletter and social media platforms.


Expectations of Membership

- To sit the gallery three times a month for 3.5 hour shifts (depending on current membership and possible exchange for contribution of skills).

- Pay a membership fee (currently $20. per month).

- Serve on a committee to help run the gallery.

- Maintain gallery pandemic protocol.

- Be able to reliably receive and send email on a regular basis.

- When you are a featured artist to contribute nominal costs for a reception.

- Contribute to the collective in a positive way.

Please note: submitting applicable taxes is your responsibility if you charge them.


Selection Process

- Selection Committee will review your submission and reply to you by email or phone.

- If your submission is appropriate, you will be asked to bring some samples of your work to an interview at the gallery.

- If accepted, your submission will be juried by our Executive and the final welcome sent to you in approximately 2 weeks time.