A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

About UpTown Gallery Showcasing Local Artists & Artisans

Applying for Membership


The application review and training process involves considerable time of committee members. Therefore, it is expected that you will commit to the gallery for at least one year.


Application requirements

An artist wishing to become a member of UpTown Gallery should provide a CD or USB stick (only doc or docx files plus jpgs- no PDFs) plus a hard copy with the following material: 

1. A letter of introduction explaining why you wish to join UpTown and how you hope to contribute to the gallery.

2. A biography: a maximum of 75 words of biographical information that pertains to your art practice written in the third person.

3. An artist statement: a maximum of 75 words about the body of work you are presenting or an overview of your art practice.

4. Images of 7 artworks. These jpg images should have a high resolution, be labeled with the artwork's title and in the standard style for documenting artwork (straight on with a neutral or no background).

5. An image list including the name of the artwork, year created, medium, and size.

6. Your contact information including your email address and phone number.

7. Your website or blog address (if you have them).

8. If accepted, a photo of the artist such as a head shot or at work in your studio, etc is required. 


The Benefits of being a member of UpTown Gallery

  • Every two months we have a new exhibition to participate in. 
  • No commission on artwork - 100% of sale goes to the artist (minus nominal bank charges).
  • Our shows have themes in which you may or may not participate (unless you are featured).
  • Once a year you will be a featured artist (there will be up to four or so other artists in this group).
  • No exclusivity: You may exhibit at any other galleries or events.
  • The gallery currently has an area for holding art classes by the members.
  • You can advertise your workshops or other events not occurring at the gallery on the UpTown Gallery website.
  • Your membership fee includes a webpage on the UpTown Gallery website.


What the gallery expects from its artist members

The application review and training process involves considerable time of committee members.  Therefore, it is expected that you will commit to the gallery for at least a year.

There is no paid staff at UpTown and the gallery is open seven days a week.  Therefore, the artists are expected to:

  • sit the gallery approximately three times a month for 3 ½ hour shifts (depending on current membership).
  • pay a membership fee of $40 for a two month period.
  • do housekeeping and maintenance at the gallery as well as help with moving the gallery should this need arise.
  • be a member of a committee.
  • contribute to the collective in a positive way.
  • have a computer or some way of reliably receiving and sending emails on a daily basis.
  • as one of the featured artists you may be expected to contribute nominal costs toward your opening reception.
  • submitting applicable taxes is your responsibility if you collect them.
  • only submit artwork that satisfies Canadian copyright law.  Artists must refrain from using other people's work as reference material unless the work is the public domain or is specifically permitted by the copyright holder. 
  • a one-year commitment to being an active gallery member


Notification of Selection

Our Selection Committee will review your submission and/or website and you will receive a phone call if we wish to consider your work for the gallery.   We require at that time that you bring in some samples of your work to us in person.  All work must be original and image sources must adhere to Canadian copyright laws.  Your submission is juried by our Executive Committee and this process may take some time. 



Applications may be turned in to the desk at the Gallery, or sent to the following email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .    


Information for New Members

If your application is approved, please read Information for New Members.