A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists


Aileen Pou

 The main idea behind my art is expressing the beauty of nature. The subjects of my paintings tend to be natural scenery, animals, and flowers. However, I have also explored other themes, especially in my photography and calligraphy, such as the beauty of motion, the significance and beauty of mundane, everyday activities, and the strong presence of a scene in Chinese writing.

Aileen (Ka Ieng) Pou has been practicing Chinese art since she was ten and she minored in Fine arts in her undergraduate. Since picking up her first brush, she has developed a strong foundation in art techniques, and has become very adept at using art to express her ideas.

Aileen earned painting awards in 2003 and 2009 and has held Chinese art and photography exhibitions in Macau and Hong Kong.


Instagram: aileen_gallery

Phone: 647 (640) 7137