A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Assem Hamdy

“When there is a tree who needs architecture” ,
“Almost any place is valued by its content of sky, water, and trees”,
“Mathematical perspective is a very beautiful approach”,
“Pencil scratches are always first”,
wandering through that with a pencil is what I do for my art.
Photography-like or say impressionist-like look is how my art appears. Mathematical perspective & pencil coloring on white paper are my tools for architecture and art,I demonstrate the usage of these two simple tools in an art class with a belief that this elevates spatial figuration – a necessity for almost every discipline, and that perspicacity has a vista through art.


Assem Hamdy , Architect , Waterloo .
Bachelor degree in architecture 1986, Cairo university, faculty of engineering, Egypt .

Tel. +1 226-791-3796 

Email. assem.abdalqader@gmail.com