A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists


Sharl G. Smith

My art practice is mainly sculptural seed bead art, a form of bead stitching that creates shapes and objects with tiny glass beads called seed beads. Bead stitching is a process whereby each bead is stitched by hand, one at a time. I am fascinated with seed beads and my designs seek to explore the sculptural and creative potential of this extremely tiny medium. My body of work contains sculptural art objects and jewellery. 

In 2010, as an unemployed architectural professional, Sharl G. Smith discovered jewellery making. That led her to working with seed beads and the art of bead stitching. This time consuming craft combines her love of detail-oriented design and hands-on construction. Instead of returning to the architecture field, Sharl has chosen to explore her personal creative expression and to develop her art full-time.