A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Community Making Connections with Art

Tea & Talk Lecture Series

This series of lectures began in early 2012 with the aim to create a dialogue about local art and the creative process.

The Talks are lead by UpTown Gallery Artists and invited Guest Artists.

The Lectures are informal and everyone is welcome to join in the coversation over tea and treats.

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Past Lectures

  • c pascoe tea-n-talk smArt by Grade 2 student
    of Cathy Pascoe

    Educating Children in the Visual Arts

    with Cathy Pascoe

    Sunday, May 27th, 2012 at 2 pm

    Have you ever thought about how one grows up as an artist? Come and hear about one teacher's experiences in teaching art to children.

    Cathy Pascoe has worked with children during her thirty year career as an elementary school teacher. Shortly before her retirement, she was fortunate enough to be able to deliver the Visual Arts programme for most of the students in her school ranging in age from Grade one to Grade six for two years. She has collected a portfolio of student art work that has won her positions at eight different art galleries in Ontario teaching art to children.

    Educators believe that success in the process of making art is connected with success in other school subjects.

    Cathy will relate some of her experiences as an art teacher as she takes you on a tour of some wonderful artwork by children, some who are as young as four years of age. You will be surprised and amazed at what children can do.

  • j krahule wreath smCollaboration Wreath

    Hart: Melding Horticultural Therapy
    and Art Therapy

    with Julie Krahule

    Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at 2 pm   EARTH DAY

    Learn about horticultural therapy and art therapy. Participate in the creation of a seasonal composition using sensory plant material.

    Julie Krahule is a horticultural therapist for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In her work she brings together horticultural therapy and art therapy into hart, providing a unique medium for self-expression. Hart is not just for people and children suffering from illness, but for

    everyone who wishes to experience the joy of creating art with ephemeral botanical material.

    Julie is on the board of directors of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association.

  • Light on the Grand by Michelle SalterLight on the Grand
    a koot-pearstilllife smPears

    Contemporary Applications of
    Traditional Encaustic Techniques

    with Michelle Salter and Anna Koot

    Sunday, March 18th,2012 at 2 pm

    A presentation about the versatile medium of encaustic that uses molten wax.

    Michelle Salter and guest artist Anna Koot demonstrate how they each work with encaustic medium. Encaustic medium consists of many layers of pigmented beeswax that has been fused together using a heat gun, torch or iron. Artists from many disciplines will find techniques to augment their art practices. As well, the public will develop a better understanding of how encaustic paintings are created.

  • Potential by Nancy YulePotential
    j young gettingitright smGetting It Right

    Unfamiliar Materials: A Year-Long Adventure

    with Nancy Yule and Joanne Young

    Sunday, February 26nd, 2012 at 2 pm

    A presentation of artworks from the artists' yearlong adventure working with new materials and learn about the processes to produce them.

    In January 2011, Nancy Yule and guest artist Joanne Young, both textile artists, decided to commit to a project for a year which would require them to work with materials sometimes familiar, but more often not.

    One month Nancy would propose the material, the next month Joanne, and so on. Then they would work individually during the month to produce a work. There were no strict guidelines; the material could be used exclusively or in combination with others. The work could be 2D or 3D. As little interference with the creative process as possible, they agreed. At the end of the month they met for show and tell. This was the most exciting part as, while working with the same material, they produced such different results. Materials included diodes (a very big challenge!), wax paper, chopsticks and eco-dyed fabrics.