A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists



Light Up Your World

Featuring all of UpTown Gallery's artists.

This exhibition runs from Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 to Sunday, January 17th, 2016.

Light Up Your World, Define Your Space, Give a Lasting Gift...by purchasing an Original Work of Art. To honour these wishes, the artists and artisans of UpTown Gallery present a Christmas show for every discerning eye.

Please keep checking our Facebook postings throughout this show to find out what's new.

Opening reception is Sunday, November 22nd from 2 to 4 pm. Join us for our official opening reception and the celebration of our second Diamond Award in the Record Reader's Poll for Favourite Art Gallery!



Drip, Drizzle and Splash 

featuring Mary Guillaume, Cathy Pascoe, and Jean Weller 

Exhibition runs from Wednesday, January 21st to Sunday, March 22th, 2015.

UpTown Gallery presents Drip, Drizzle and Splash.  In this new show Cathy Pascoe, Jean Weller and Mary Guillaume play with coloured pencils, camera and film, and paint as they interpret the interesting possibilities of Drip, Drizzle and Splash!

Whether exploring reflections on water and light patterns on shiny surfaces using coloured pencils, enjoying that special moment when the camera catches the natural beauty of light, water and ice,  or interpreting the theme through the literal use of media by dripping, drizzling and splashing paint, the artists have each approached the theme in their own manner.



Mary Guillaume goes free and wild, pushing boundaries and painting outside the lines as she finds abstract shapes and swirls in acrylic paint; in departing from her usual representational style, she has found this to be a delightful adventure and a challenge.

Cathy Pascoe explores the myriad patterns of light and shadow in her work and finds the secret to conveying the reflective quality of water through art lies in the details. If you are fascinated by reflections, water, light patterns and shiny surfaces, you will enjoy her work.

Jean Weller travels the world with camera in hand, and waits for the right moment when lighting and composition are at their best. Arctic scenes showcasing water and ice will be featured in the new show.



Lines of Design

featuring Elaine CowenSanela Dizdar, Sophie DrouinMary Lou Hiller, and Joanne Makulski.

Exhibition runs from Wednesday, March 26th to Sunday, May 24th of 2015. 

Opening reception is Sunday, March 29th from 2 to 4 pm.

Uptown Gallery presents Lines of Design. In this new show Elaine Cowan, Sanela Dizdar, Sophie Drouin, Mary Lou Hiller, and Joanne Makulski explore the possibilitiesof the most basic element of art, LINE, to create original designs in a variety of media.Whether the design be based in reality, in the artistʼs imagination or in abstracted ideas, creating it involves selection, emphasis, and thoughtfully directed organization. 

About the Artists:

Elaine Cowan works in acrylics on both canvas and yupo paper. She enjoys paintingon the slippery, plastic surface of yupo and the exciting surprises that lead to newdirections and unexpected meanings.

Sanela Dizdar defines line as an element of art with graphite pencil strokes and oilbrush movement. She explores line as an innocent first step of application that,multiplied, can lead to something complex like human emotions.

Sophie Drouin, an internationally recognized mosaicist, works both two andthree dimensionally with stone, gemstone, metals and salvaged materials. Her amazing interpretive designs are complicated and enhanced by the materials shechooses.

Mary Lou Hiller works in acrylics to reveal the symbolic and whimsical possibilitiesof linear patterns in nature. Then she pushes her comfort zone to create anon-objective design that is open to interpretation.

Joanne Makulski uses clay to illustrate ideas or expressions. When it comes to wheel-formed pottery the concept of lines may not spring immediately to mind so, with thesepieces, she will be crossing the line. 




featuring Jane Bayne, Diane Eastham, Julie Krahule, and Louise Marée.

Exhibition runs from Tuesday, May 26th to Sunday, July 19th, 2015. 

Featured artists Jane Bayne, Diane Eastham, Julie Krahule, and Louise Marée explore change, metamorphosis, and rebirth in Uptown Gallery's upcoming exhibition, Transformation.  Swirls of paint, curls of bark, and the blaze of colour promise to define an eclectic show in many mediums.


Jane Bayne is inspired by the dramatic seasonal changes in Southern Ontario.  This provides her with unlimited choices of colour and mood.  She uses watercolours and acrylics to capture wetlands and natural areas that she believes to be important for cities to protect.

Diane Eastham, author of Blaze of Colour: Embracing Creativity,  explores metaphoric and metaphysical landscape structures in her art. Utilizing fibre, texture and strong colour,  she is a cross-over artist who explores the interpretation of an idea by blending her multimedia techniques with traditional quilting methods to produce unconventional landscapes. 

Julie Krahule takes her inspiration from people and plants to create unique collages based on the wonders of nature.  The human factor stems from her role as a horticultural therapist at long-term care facilities, eliciting responses from frail people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by using plant material to engage all their five senses. 

Louise Maree's medium is oil paint. She uses palette knives and brushes in an impressionistic style while following her intuition and imagination.  She finds inspiration in the nature of Grey County and the cityscapes of Waterloo.



featuring Igor DragoslavicMichelle Salter, and Jean Weller.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, July 21st to Sunday, September 20th, 2015.

There is no opening reception scheduled for this exhibition.

Uptown Gallery presents The Wilderness.  In this new show Igor Dragoslavic, Michelle Salter and Jean Weller interpret the wilderness with paint, encaustic medium, and camera.


Igor Dragoslavić is a graduate of the Bogdan Šuput School of Design, in Novi Sad, Serbia. Concurrently with his 30 years of professional career in graphic design, Igor achieved accomplishment as a painter, illustrator and photographer. Waterloo has been Igor’s home since 1992.

Michelle Salter explores feelings of the loss of wilderness through the medium of encaustic waxes. Canada has a variety of wilderness ecosystems but as our society, represented both by corporations and individuals, encroaches on nature and natural habitats, loss of species is inevitable. We must balance our gain against this loss, making sure the benefits are worth the upset of the delicate balance that allows us all to thrive together. 

Jean Weller has travelled widely throughout Canada with camera in hand, searching for nature’s unspoiled beauty. She has photographed in remote areas in the north and west as well as wilderness closer to home.  Scenes of the Canadian Arctic, the Yukon and the Great Lakes will be featured in the new show as well as her love of wild life represented by wolves and coyote.