A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Timeless Reflections


Featured artists: Jim HeldmannLouise MaréeSupria Karmakar, and Cathy Pascoe

UpTown Gallery of Waterloo is proud to present a new art exhibition called Timeless Reflections featuring artworks by four gallery artists highlighting coloured pencil drawings and encaustic, oil, and watercolour paintings.

This show also includes a special exhibit of smaller works of art.  As always, the UpTown Gallery has unique Art Cards by our artists for every occasion.

The exhibition runs from Thursday, November 21st, 2013 until Tuesday, January 21st, 2014.

The Opening Reception is Sunday, November 24th from 2 - 4 pm in the Uptown Gallery in the Waterloo Town Square. Come and enjoy the art and meet the artists.  Refreshments will be served.



Jim Heldmann paints in watercolours as an expression of his artistic talent and for the joy of creating something beautiful. Watercolours allow him to obtain luminous colours.  He is encouraged to paint because of the delight that his paintings give to people.

Supria Karmakar uses the encaustic medium because of its translucent qualities and versatile layering capacities, lending itself beautifully to the narrative quality of her work.  For Timeless Reflections, she plays with the idea of how elements in our lives, the journey, the path that we take, are timeless in itself, and she uses the encaustic medium's reflective quality to portray the narrative essence of timelessness and inward reflection.

Louise Marée's  style is impressionistic, taken from flashes of the passing scene.  She works in oil medium with painter's knives and brushes, covering the canvas with texture, colour and transparent layers until the atmosphere and detail satisfies the palate and the palette.

Cathy Pascoe is a self taught artist. During her teaching career, art was simply a hobby. Until recently, her work was only done in graphite pencil on paper. In 2005, she began using coloured pencils. At the same time, she began to broaden her interests, by moving away from portraiture to other subjects. Her subject matter is varied. What is consistent is that she is fascinated by light, translucence and shadow.