A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Shows at UpTown Gallery




featuring Christine GagnonJim HeldmannWilliam Mullin, and Laurie Spieker.

The Opening Reception for re/collections and Patron Appreciation will be held on Sunday, November 23rd, from 2 to 4 pm.

Runs from Wednesday, November 19th to Tuesday, January 20th, 2015.

UpTown Gallery presents Re/Collections.  In this new show Christine Gagnon, Jim Heldmann, William Mullin and Laurie Spieker interpret the acts of collecting and recollecting.  In this fast paced and ever-changing world our memories, treasured times, and assembled precious objects gather importance as they sooth and comfort, educate or illuminate, or simply foretell future fates.

As the earth rolls into Winter Darkness and Christmas preparations are made, please visit the sparkling gallery and explore the artists’ work.  Study the colourful cut and raw gemstones set into precious sterling silver and gold forms; peer into the suspended and graphic wonder of glass art, and marvel at the stories delivered by charming and painterly brush strokes.

Uptown Gallery will also be celebrating its “Diamond – Favourite Art Gallery” win in the Record Reader Awards.  In honour of this achievement, The Gallery will hold a Patron Appreciation Prize Draw as a way of saying Thanks to valued Supporters.

You are invited to attend an Opening Reception to meet the Artists, sample Celebratory Cake, enter the Prize Draw, and nibble on a variety of sweets and treats.



Christine Gagnon fashions jewellery that commemorates life events, places or objects of importance, transforming each piece into a belonging of treasured personal significance.  Christine Gagnon Design

Jim Heldmann is surrounded by so many inspiring subjects in the Region of Waterloo. In this show he continues his soft and delicate recollections of picturesque winter scenes along the rivers and roads of the countryside.

William Mullin paints with multiple transparent layers to create his realistic images.  His oil paintings depict a wide diversity of subjects.

Laurie Spieker creates original designs in glass that reflect her passion for the natural world and its collections of mysteries.  Laurie seeks those small and unnoticed marvels of natural grace and simplicity and encapsulates these views in the colourful cosmos of glass.  www.grandriverglassworks.com