A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Drip, Drizzle and Splash 

featuring Mary Guillaume, Cathy Pascoe, and Jean Weller 

Exhibition runs from Wednesday, January 21st to Sunday, March 22th, 2015.

UpTown Gallery presents Drip, Drizzle and Splash.  In this new show Cathy Pascoe, Jean Weller and Mary Guillaume play with coloured pencils, camera and film, and paint as they interpret the interesting possibilities of Drip, Drizzle and Splash!

Whether exploring reflections on water and light patterns on shiny surfaces using coloured pencils, enjoying that special moment when the camera catches the natural beauty of light, water and ice,  or interpreting the theme through the literal use of media by dripping, drizzling and splashing paint, the artists have each approached the theme in their own manner.



Mary Guillaume goes free and wild, pushing boundaries and painting outside the lines as she finds abstract shapes and swirls in acrylic paint; in departing from her usual representational style, she has found this to be a delightful adventure and a challenge.

Cathy Pascoe explores the myriad patterns of light and shadow in her work and finds the secret to conveying the reflective quality of water through art lies in the details. If you are fascinated by reflections, water, light patterns and shiny surfaces, you will enjoy her work.

Jean Weller travels the world with camera in hand, and waits for the right moment when lighting and composition are at their best. Arctic scenes showcasing water and ice will be featured in the new show.