A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Strength and Beauty

featuring ManChoi ChowElaine CowanMelissa Kristensen-Smith, and Louise Marée

Runs from Tuesday, September 22nd to Sunday, November 15th, 2015.

We are surrounded daily with images of faces, bodies, buildings and the ever-changing impressions of nature and life.  With the use of classic oils and acrylics and innovative photography techniques, our four featured artists reveal the strength and beauty that often goes undiscovered in nature or in humanity.
Please join us for our new exhibition of Strength and Beauty


ManChoi Chow sees the art of photography as a focused way of living—seeing and being in the world that nurtures his spirit. He is often surprised how strength and beauty coexist in some of the most unexpected places and moments in his life. The images presented in this exhibition are provocative visual incarnations of some of those paradoxical experiences of strength and beauty we have all encountered but overlooked.

Elaine Cowan works in acrylic on canvas and on yupo paper.  She combines these two surfaces using collage techniques for vibrant and exciting paintings.

Melissa Kristensen-Smith, a photographer for over 25 years, explores Strenght and Beauty with a series of images featuring women.  Using double exposure techniques she has endeavoured to show both the soft contours of the female form and the hidden resilience that often lies beneath. Women inspire us to everyday by their ability to be both feminine and powerful.  Printing her work on reclaimed wood makes the images even more sculptural. Her work has been exhibited throughout Waterloo Region, Waterloo City Hall, The Button Factory Arts Centre, The Healthy Owl, Cafe Pyrus and WalterFedy and of course her home base Uptown Waterloo Gallery.

Louise Maree's medium is classic oil paint. She uses brushes and palette knives in an impressionistic style, while following her intuition and imagination. Louise finds inspiration in the cityscape of Waterloo and she is equally excited by the country life around the Bruce Trail.