A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Drawn to Design


Drawn to Design is a new exhibition at UpTown Gallery featuring recent works by Sanela Dizdar, Mary Guillaume, Mary Lou Hiller and Ida Tong

The show runs from September 17 to November 18. Join us at the opening reception on Saturday, September 22 from 2 - 4 pm to enjoy the artwork and meet the artists. Refreshments will be served.




Sanela Dizdar: Sanela Dizdar is a designer drawn to drawing. In this show she uses principles of line in liquid graphite to paint horses on canvas. All of her passions are combined in one: graphite, horses and drawing with a brush on canvas.

Mary Guillaume: After some 70+ years of drawing and designing (one leading to the other in either direction), Mary has used many mediums: graphite pencil, ink, watercol- our, acrylic and oils. Recently she decided to try something new – coloured pencils, for fine art. This has had some unusual surprises as well as some definite delights, and not only has she found it to be great fun, she has found a whole new admiration for col- oured pencil fine artists. “UpTown Gallery has some fantastic ones in Vickie Lawrence, Cathy Pascoe, Joanne Makulski and newest member, Assem Hamdy, whose fine work is introduced in this show!”

Mary Lou Hiller: In all of Mary Lou Hillerʼs paintings and associated artwork her skill in draughtsmanship is a noteworthy foundation. Recently she has made this love of drawing a “main feature” allowing planning lines to show and moving from a realistic image toward abstracted design.

Ida Tong: Before painting, Ida Tong spends ample time thinking, imagining, exploring and designing, in search of some relevant compositions by doodling her ideas on paper. Each image is drawn loosely, sometimes meticulously, as part of a study while engaging her creative but often intensive process. When painting, Ida keeps the images fluid allowing room to balance all visual elements on canvas whilst involving her current thought provoking theme: Human Evolution to Artificial Intelligence.