A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists



Simplicity is a new exhibition at UpTown Gallery featuring recent works by Candice Leyland, ManChoi Chow and Sanela Dizdar. 

The show runs from May 14 to July 14. Join us at the opening reception on Saturday, May 25 from 2-4 pm to enjoy the artwork and meet the artists. Refreshments will be served.


Candice Leyland:  Candice Leyland’s is a contemporary watercolour artist. She paints ethereal florals and landscapes with a focus on light, colour and mood. Using pure colours and delicate glazes, she creates dreamy, emotional watercolours inspired by the natural world around her.   

ManChoi Chow: ManChoi attempts to creatively express the harmony and interconnectedness he sees and yearns for, as much as the reality of the brokenness and paradoxical tensions of being human. “Simplicity” grounds him in the here and now.

Sanela Dizdar: Sanela Dizdars paints Venice in the warm, welcoming acrylic colours of sun that are reflecting on amazing ancient architecture. Water becomes alive when you take a stroll in a gondola.