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A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Ice Fountain Williamsburg, photograph


3 R's Folly (Artefacts, St. Jacob's), photograph


Chow ManChoi

My incessant self-study pushes me to trust my instincts while being inspired by my father, no less than Ansel Adams, Andre Gallant or Freeman Patterson. Although taking photos has always been part of my life, only recently have I claimed it as art worth sharing. I see the art of photography as a focused way of living—seeing and being in the world that nurtures my spirit in unexpected ways. I hope you find pleasure and satisfaction in my art, as much as I find fulfillment in creating it.

The Zeiss rangefinder that ManChoi's father gave him at age 10 ignited a passion he has nurtured. In addition to being featured in fine art décor, commercial posters, CD and book covers, he has produced videos for Spiritual Care and Counselling research promotion, and for prayer and meditation. He has exhibited at People’s Gallery (Waterloo) where someone noted his “Zen” appeal, and was featured at Gallery M (Cambridge). “Discovering creative connections between art, photography, and healing is “re-creational” and great fun.”


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Entwined, photograph