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A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Collaboration Clay Bowl

Some people rolled. Others pinched, while several pulled. A number of them stamped, and a few even squished. Regardless of technique, each was welcome.

On October 30, 2010, at the ArtWorks Show and Sale at Bingemans Conference Centre, more than 40 people shaped pieces of clay to help build a community bowl. From the 3-year-old boy who took his clay with him, to the tall woman who crafted a tiny, perfect creature, each contributor added a unique touch to the project. Growing from a base handbuilt by Joanne Makulski, the bowl reflects our community. It contains variety, expresses ideas, and it stretches up and out, too.

"Collaboration" is terra cotta clay, glazed with lead-free glazes, and fired to cone 06 (about 1000 C).

A draw to win the bowl was held on December 23rd.
Louise Lefebvre was the winner. Louise says she never wins anything.
Hopefully, we've changed her luck for the better.

j makulski collaboration bowl2Coiled and stamped detail j makulski collaboration bowlBowl, before application of clear glaze