A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Shows at UpTown Gallery


2011 07  uptown show

Light at Play

featuring Mary Lou HillerMichelle SalterCathy Pascoe and Sanela Dizdar

July 20 to September 12, 2011

The exhibition features four artists from Waterloo Region as they play with the magical effects of light.

About the Artists

Sanela Dizdar is a constant self challenger in a game of reflecting light, water depth and movement in her acrylic creations. The simplicity of her pieces speaks an emotional language of calmness. She also holds classes in pencil drawing at UpTown Gallery.

Mary Lou Hiller has turned her vision to interiors for this exhibition, interpreting how the familiar, everyday scene is translated by the effects of light. Recognized for many years as a watercolour painter she is now exploring acrylic media in both her studio and outdoor work.

Cathy Pascoe has been fascinated by light and shadow for her entire life. Whether experimenting with graphite pencil for portraiture or exploring the amazing potential of artist‐quality coloured pencil, her constant focus has been to interpret the myriad patterns of light and shadow.

Michelle Salter grew up around water and her brightest and happiest memories are associated with it. Encaustic, a medium made from beeswax, lends itself wonderfully to capturing the light and movement of water. Her latest body of work, Waterways, reflects the powerful influence water has had in her life.