A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Shows at UpTown Gallery

Past Shows from 2014




featuring Christine GagnonJim HeldmannWilliam Mullin, and Laurie Spieker.

From November 19th to January 20th, 2015.

UpTown Gallery presents Re/Collections.  In this new show Christine Gagnon, Jim Heldmann, William Mullin and Laurie Spieker interpret the acts of collecting and recollecting.  In this fast paced and ever-changing world our memories, treasured times, and assembled precious objects gather importance as they sooth and comfort, educate or illuminate, or simply foretell future fates.




Featuring Barbara Di RenzoMelissa Kristensen-Smith and Michelle Salter.

Reclamation ran from September 17th to November 18th, 2014.

UpTown Gallery Waterloo presents Reclamation. An intriguing and thought provoking art exhibit, focused on our environment and global issues. Our new show features artwork incorporating reclaimed, recycled and upcycled materials by Barbara Di Renzo, Melissa Kristensen-Smith and Michelle Salter.



rhythmscarolynCAROLYN SHARP

Rhythms of Earth

Featuring Brad Sherk and Carolyn Sharp.

This show ran from July 16th to September 23th, 2014.

In this exhibit you will be overwhelmed by the presence of the natural world as expressed in the impressionistic paintings from Carolyn Sharp and the realistic drawings and prints of Brad Sherk. Our artists have created art that celebrates the natural world as an expression of our role on the planet we share with many other beings. Whether its a beautiful reflection in the waters of the Grand River in Elora or in the reflection of a snowy owl’s eyes, we hope this exhibit helps you see the natural world in a new rhythm.



Expressions of Warmth

Featuring Sophie DrouinDiane Eastham and Melissa Kristensen-Smith.

May 7th to July 15th, 2014. 

This new show allows each artist to present her unique take on warmth, be it expressed through colour, texture or context. Perfect timing as the temperature rises and the heat of summer approaches! Enjoy all this show has to offer including colourful mosaics, photographic wonders on reclaimed wood and abstract landscapes constructed in hand-painted fibre art.



goingongreen2014LAURIE SPIEKER

Going On - GREEN

Featuring Diana ErbJulie KrahuleCarolyn Sharp, and Laurie Spieker

The exhibition ran from Thursday, March 20th to Tuesday, May 6th, 2014.

UpTown Gallery presents Going on – Green!  In this new show each artist uniquely interprets the vibrancy of green in our reawakening Spring-time world and examines our shared efforts in preserving our precious Earth.  


furfinfeather2014JANE BAYNE

Fur, Fins & Feathers 

featuring Jane BayneMary GuillaumeMary Lou Hiller, and Jean Weller 

January 23rd to March 19th, 2014.

UpTown Gallery presents Fur, Fins and Feathers, exhibiting a fascinating variety of creatures both fanciful and real as interpreted in professional photographs, acrylic, oil, watercolour paintings and mixed media works by four local artists.