A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Shows at UpTown Gallery

Past Shows from 2015



Light Up the World

featuring the UpTown Gallery artists
Exhibition ran from November, 2015 to January, 2016. 
Light Up Your World, Define Your Space, Give a Lasting Gift...by purchasing an Original Work of Art. To honour these wishes, the artists and artisans of UpTown Gallery present a Christmas show for every discerning eye.


strengthandbeautylouiseLOUISE MAREE
oil painting

Strength and Beauty

featuring ManChoi Chow, Elaine Cowan, Melissa Kristensen-Smith, Louise Maree
Exhibition ran from September to November, 2015. 
We are surrounded daily with images of faces, bodies, buildings and the ever-changing impressions of nature and life.  With the use of classic oils and acrylics and innovative photography techniques, our four featured artists reveal the strength and beauty that often goes undiscovered in nature or in humanity.


Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow encaustic on panel


featuring Igor Dragoslavic, Michelle Salter, and Jean Weller.
Exhibition ran from July to September, 2015. 

In this show UpTown artists interpret the wilderness through paint, the camera and various media.


transformation2JULIE KRAHULE
(detail) sculpture


featuring Jane Bayne, Diane Eastham, Julie Krahule, and Louise Marée.
Exhibition ran from May 26th to July 19th, 2015. 

The featured artists explore change, metamorphosis, and rebirth in Uptown Gallery's upcoming exhibition, Transformation.  Swirls of paint, curls of bark, and the blaze of colour promise to define an eclectic show in many mediums.



hillerzigzagMARY LOU HILLER
Zigzag acrylic painting

Line of Design

featuring Elaine CowenSanela DizdarSophie DrouinMary Lou Hiller, and Joanne Makulski.
Exhibition ran from March to  May, 2015.

Artists explore the possibilitiesof the most basic element of art, LINE, to create original designs in a variety of media. Whether the design be based in reality, in the artistʼs imagination or in abstracted ideas, creating it involves selection, emphasis, and thoughtfully directed organization.



dripwellerJEAN WELLER
Artic Sunset (detail) photograph

Drip, Drizzle and Splash

featuring Mary GuillaumeCathy Pascoe, and Jean Weller.
Exhibition ran from January 21st to March 22nd of 2015. 

Whether exploring reflections on water and light patterns on shiny surfaces using coloured pencils, enjoying that special moment when the camera catches the natural beauty of light, water and ice,  or interpreting the theme through the literal use of media by dripping, drizzling and splashing paint, the artists have each approached the theme in their own manner.