A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Lines of Design

featuring Elaine CowenSanela Dizdar, Sophie DrouinMary Lou Hiller, and Joanne Makulski.

Exhibition runs from Wednesday, March 26th to Sunday, May 24th of 2015. 

Opening reception is Sunday, March 29th from 2 to 4 pm.

Uptown Gallery presents Lines of Design. In this new show Elaine Cowan, Sanela Dizdar, Sophie Drouin, Mary Lou Hiller, and Joanne Makulski explore the possibilitiesof the most basic element of art, LINE, to create original designs in a variety of media.Whether the design be based in reality, in the artistʼs imagination or in abstracted ideas, creating it involves selection, emphasis, and thoughtfully directed organization. 

About the Artists:

Elaine Cowan works in acrylics on both canvas and yupo paper. She enjoys paintingon the slippery, plastic surface of yupo and the exciting surprises that lead to newdirections and unexpected meanings.

Sanela Dizdar defines line as an element of art with graphite pencil strokes and oilbrush movement. She explores line as an innocent first step of application that,multiplied, can lead to something complex like human emotions.

Sophie Drouin, an internationally recognized mosaicist, works both two andthree dimensionally with stone, gemstone, metals and salvaged materials. Her amazing interpretive designs are complicated and enhanced by the materials shechooses.

Mary Lou Hiller works in acrylics to reveal the symbolic and whimsical possibilitiesof linear patterns in nature. Then she pushes her comfort zone to create anon-objective design that is open to interpretation.

Joanne Makulski uses clay to illustrate ideas or expressions. When it comes to wheel-formed pottery the concept of lines may not spring immediately to mind so, with thesepieces, she will be crossing the line.