A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Shows at UpTown Gallery

Past Shows from 2016




featuring the Uptown Gallery members.

Exhibition ran from November,2016 to January, 2017.

Please join us for the opening reception of UpTown Gallery’s 10th Anniversary show!  We are also celebrating our third consecutive Diamond Award as the Favourite Art Gallery.



newperspectivespastMARY LOU HILLER

New Perspective

featuring ManChoi Chow, Mary Lou HillerCathy Pascoe, and Sharl Smith.

Exhibition ran from September to November, 2016.
Whether interpreted as “a point of view” or as “a dimensional illusion”, PERSPECTIVE provides a limitless creative playground for the artistic mind. Photographer ManChoi Chow, acrylic painter Mary Lou Hiller, coloured pencil artist Cathy Pascoe and bead designer Sharl Smith set their sights and skills to the discovery of New Perspectives.


adriennegazaniabeautyADRIENNE ZOE
Gazannia Beauty #1

Floral Fantasy

featuring Elaine CowanVickie Lawrence, and Adrienne Zoe.
Exhibition ran from July to September, 2016. 

Uptown Gallery presents Floral Fantasy. In this wonderful new show, the featured Artists, Elaine Cowan, Vickie Lawrence and Adrienne Zoe, present the many different, joyful, delicate and colourful aspects of floral art. Flowers symbolize hope, renewal and the beauty of nature. Whether in a vase or growing in the garden, this show represents the many fantastic, fragrant and delightful creations that Mother Nature has given us.


heldmanninglisfallsJIM HELDMANN
Inglis Falls in Spring (detail)

Favourite Things

featuring Jane BayneSanela DizdarSophie Drouin & Christine Gagnon, and Jim Heldmann.
Exhibition ran from May to July, 2016. 

This eclectic group of five artists have conceived work that reveal their personal passions and memories.  They have used a variety of interesting mediums from historic to modern to create jewellery of distinction and pieces of art that leave a lasting impression on the viewer.




Quotation Inspiration

featuring Mary GuillaumeJulie KrahuleValerie O'Flynn, and Laurie Spieker.

Exhibition ran from March to May, 2016. 

UpTown Gallery artists explore the space, meaning and content found between the quote marks that punctuate text, speech, reality, popular culture and the imagination. Was this passage important? Did that notation inspire? Is this adage relevant? Visit our show and rediscover the potent power of the Quote.


illuminationandbrilliancecathyCATHY PASCOE

Illumination and Brilliance

featuring Barbara Di Renzo, Sanela Dizdar, Mary Lou Hiller, and Cathy Pascoe.
Exhibition ran from January to March, 2016. 

Exploring the splendour of light, reflection and colour to enlighten the inner mind.  Five featured artists use a variety of media:  coloured pencil, metal, oils, acrylics and photography to explore the emotional and thought provoking effects of light.