A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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featuring Windekind Buteau-DuitschaeverValerie O'Flynn, Laurie Spieker and Nancy Yule.

Runs from Tuesday, March 21st to Sunday, May 14th, 2017.

Opening reception is Sunday, March 26th, from 2 to 4 pm.

UpTown Gallery presents ReArt. In this new show Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever, Valerie O’Flynn, Laurie Spieker and Nancy Yule regard, reinterpret, recreate, reuse and recycle old and new connections, ideas and configurations in their bodies of art. Found objects, unexpected use of materials, multiple iterations of ideas, and much thought outside of the “box” are the hallmarks of this new show. Visit our show, refresh your spirit and rethink your perception of art.



Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever, owner of Simply Rooted Woodshop, transforms urban trees into functional items and art pieces. He particularly enjoys the challenge associated in using raw wood material that has been affected by insects, animals or ecological process. These natural defects challenge him to explore new ways to highlight the inherent beauty of wood that would otherwise be casted aside. This process allows him to create unique, one-of-a-kind art.

Valerie O’Flynn feels that form and content are inherently linked in art. An idea is given form and the content is delivered; change the form, change the content. In her body of work Valerie has often revisited an idea, altering its form, sometimes in search of greater clarity in conveyance of the idea, sometimes to explore the subtle or blunt impacts different forms have on the interpretation of the idea. Her works demonstrate that manipulation of colour, scale, medium, elements and principles can alter the content and message. Valerie also recycles and combines older forms to convey topical ideas.

Laurie Spieker welcomes the world to her doorstep at Grand River Glassworks, where she creates fresh and imaginative contemporary glass art and eagerly shares the inspiring beauty of glass with her community. In a busy glass studio, a vigorous collection of glass scrap is the reality. Laurie has turned her eye to this colourful treasure trove to recycle and shape a new body of work.

Nancy Yule works intuitively building layers of shape, colour, symbolism and abstract composition. She loves blending the warmth of fibre with the encapsulation of hardened encaustic wax to reveal a unique mergence of mediums. Nancy always challenges herself with reinterpreting tradition and exploring new material combinations. www.nancyyule.com