A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Natural Beauty

featuring ManChoi Chow, Christine Gagnon & Sophie Drouin, Louise Marée, and Michelle Salter.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, May 16th to Sunday, July 16th, 2017.

The opening reception is Thursday, May 25th from 6 to 8 pm.

The beauty of nature is used as inspiration showcasing the different disciplines of our featured artists.  ManChoi Chow works in photography to bring to us gorgeous and ethereal moments in our surroundings.  The new Organics micro-mosaic jewellery collection by Christine Gagnon and Sophie Drouin combines the beauty of finely crafted sterling silver with colourful hand-formed glass elements.  Louise Marée's oil paintings are energetic and vibrant recollections of her experiences.  Michelle Salter continues to be fascinated by the lusciousness and depth of water interpreted through the medium of encaustics.  Each artist approaches our concept in a uniquely individual way.  Come be surprised! 


ManChoi Chow sees “beauty” in almost anything around him, but especially in the natural environment. He enjoys strolling through brisk winter landscapes in Dumphries County, as much as being enthralled by autumnal spectacles driving through the Hockley Valley. Even closer to home, the “urban woods” he and his wife Bonnie have cultivated at their home (Edenwilde), provide countless inspirations for photo art year round. He admits to be eclectic in style, however, drawn to the power of monochromatic pieces that can be powerful and dramatic while being simple and minimalistic. Or, he is caught off guard by rich, saturated layers of colours in a luminous sunset at Niagara.

Christine Gagnon and Sophie Drouin's love of organic, nature-derived themes and shapes is at the heart of their continued collaboration. ‎Christine has created a series of beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewellery in sterling silver, which Sophie has filled with intricate, vibrant micro-mosaic using hand-pulled "filati" (threads) of antique and contemporary Venetian glass.   

Louise Marée lets intuition and interpretation inform her oil paintings. Observing nature for light, wind and air, she layers close range and large vistas in her work.  Using palette knives and brushes, she is always trying to move further into abstraction. 

Michelle Salter explores her love of water in nature through the medium of encaustic waxes.  This medium lends itself to capturing the subtleties, the depths and the light of bodies of water. Encaustic is made from beeswax that gives her work both an implied depth and an actual sculptural quality.