A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists



Landscape is a new exhibition at UpTown Gallery featuring recent works by Laurie Spieker, Assem Hamdy, and Chesley House 

As Artists, we interpret the landscape through our chosen media. Life experiences, ideology, and personal experiences also inform our rendering of the landscape. The landscape affects who we are, and who we are informs our presentation of the landscape. 


Opening Reception:

Sunday, January 27, from 2 to 4 pm




Laurie Spieker’s work in glass is a wonder of light, colour, and shape. Her work is breathtaking in its first impression yet has a spiritual quality that elevates her work beyond the mastery of her craft. 

Assem Hamdy has a transcendent vision of the world that blends mathematics and architecture with a mythical vision of the world. Through light and colour, Assem’s landscapes transport us to lands that are beautiful beyond our reality.

Chesley House (Susan Arness and Ron Hewson) filter the Waterloo region landscape through their photographic vision. Traveling the backroads north of Waterloo, they create landscapes that go beyond the mere recording of the scene before them. It’s not just the landscape but the spirit of the land that make their images so captivating.